The former player of the Canarias Basketball Academy and current member of Oklahoma State, Yankuba Sima, has taken the opportunity of his holidays in Spain to visit the Academy where he was formed and in which his brothers are currently.

 Yankuba y hermanos

“I had a lot of desire to see Ebraim and Ousman, who have already proven that they are not only progressing as players, but also maturing”, said Sima, adding: “I see them very happy and taking advantage of the opportunity; I know they want to follow my steps and they are in the right place for it”.

On the other hand, Sima has recognized that, after entering the Academy after three years, have come to his mind “many memories, because although it was a hard season for the amount of training, when I look back, I can say that it was worth it”.

Also, the Spanish international wanted to give a tip to all the players who currently play in the CBA: “Never give up! There will be days that you do not want to train, but the work and effort are necessary to achieve your dream”.