After two months and since I arrived at St. John’s University, I don’t regret the choice I made last April… I can’t be happier!


It seems like just yesterday I arrived at JFK, I was nervous because it was a new adventure, but at the same time, ready to play again. I am about to debut in my first official game with this prestigious university.


It has been two very intense months, several trainings a day, studying long hours, etc. We almost don’t have rest hours, but, everything needs effort and the training hours will be reflected in the court.


I haven’t decided which degree I will study, but probably will be Sports Management, because it is related with sports


On the other hand, playing for Chris Mullin is a privilege. It is an honor being able to say that I am one of the first thirteen players that is playing for a legend and a Hall of Famer like him. He brings a lot of positivity and teaching to every practice, and I am anxious to playing my first game with him as my coach.


I still reflect on when Rob Orellana trusted me and offered me a grant for playing at the Canarias Basketball Academy. Nowadays, I couldn’t be more grateful for this huge opportunity that he gave me and the door that opened for me in the basketball world.

The best is yet to come!  #CBAFamily