In less than a year, Xavi Company (Barcelona, 22/1/1999) claims to have integrated perfectly the ideal characteristics of the Canarias Basketball Academy: “It’s hard, especially the first few days, but it gets easier when you adapt”.


Arriving from a quarry ACB (Manresa), he acknowledges that he has “never had trained in this way, neither in quantity nor in quality”, while thanking “the mental work done here, preparing you to overcome any situation encountered during a match”. Overall Xavi believes, “in the CBA they prepare you physically and mentally”.

Xavi Company

From his experience in the Canarias Islands, he assures to remain “with everything”. Xavi decided to accept the challenge provided by CBA, because “I wanted to go out and try something like that; I knew that my potential here would be exploited”, reasoning developed from what he heard about CBA “a methodology of work was military and that it was the best place to be visible in the United States”.


Finally, he underlines how enriching his adventure here has also been personally: “The CBA is like a family; If you are wrong, your colleagues are ready and willing to help”. He also points out that “meeting people from across the world and with different cultures, which must be respected, makes you empathetic to other points of view … And that, in the end, is learning for yourself”.