Singapore and Gran Canaria are thousands of kilometers away, but CBA and basketball have united both for a few weeks, because William Finch is a Singaporean player who is living the CBA experience at CBA Summer Camp 2016.


Why has he traveled thousands of kilometers? You can ask to yourself, but William has the answer: “I´ve come here because this is the best Academy in Europe”. Sound easy, but the same Willian lives in the USA and play there, although this summer he has preferred to enjoy the summer in Gran Canaria after a break in Singapore, visiting his family.

William tries to improve his skills, trying to improve day after day; this is his goal at CBA Summer Camp: “I love CBA Summer Camp and I love the island. The coaches and the other players are so friendly and I have enjoyed so much during these weeks. At the Academy we have a Family atmosphere and this is very important for me”.

This way, he is enjoying a lot during the practices, especially, during the beach practices: “I have so much fun when we go to the beach, because it is very challenging, but when you finish this practice you feel so good with yourself. Of course, after training we are going to the water and swimming. In Singapore we don´t have beaches like Playa del Inglés”.

However, William thinks that every practice is an opportunity to improve and, for him, the best thing in CBA Summer Camp is the coach´s advice: “Every coach talks to you all the time and try to give advice for your improvement. If you make a mistake, a coach will correct you at the moment. The coaches put the focus on the details. I have fun and I´m improving a lot; it´s so hard, but I wanted intensity at the practice”.

Finally, William said that he would recommend CBA Summer Camp to all his friends because is the perfect place to play basket: “CBA has all you need to improve. I talk with my friends about this and I would like to come back in the future, although I will be here a few weeks more training in the best place in the world”.

CBA will have a little piece from Singapore forever.