When you are looking for a Basketball Summer Camp there is a common feature between all the options: the leisure. “Every” camp attempts to combine the work on the court with other kinds of activities, with the aim of being more attractive to its targets.

However, the Canarias Basketball Academy has its mission quite clear. In response to the premise that “to become better, you have to work and sacrifice”, all its work schedule, either in summer, Christmas or while the season, is based on the amount and quality of the trainings, both technical and physical.

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The Academy does not promise miracles, but results. Nevertheless, the outcomes of the CBA Method are there, with nearly a hundred of ex-players at NCAA I Division since its foundation. All of them, also, recognize that their time at this international high performance level was the key, acting like a bridge for their American adventure. Without any doubt, the CBA is the perfect preparation for going to the States in the best condition.

Definitely, if what you are looking for is being better as a basketball player, the CBA Summer Camp 2016 is the best option, because its entire schedule is designed for just that. Do you want to live and train like professional at the best European Academy? Register now at cbacademy.org/summercamp!