The ninth week could not have been better for the Canarias Basketball Academy, because, with the exception of our CBA 7 Palmas U12 “B”, that lost against Santa Lucía Basket for 34-22, the rest of our teams won all their games.

In this matter, the U14 “A” beat Agüimes last Wednesday by 80 vs 38, like the U12 “A”, against Gran Canaria Claret (56-33). At the U12 league, CBA 7 Palmas “C” won against CB Las Palmas by 36 vs 42.

On the other side, the insular U18 had a tough loss to Gran Canaria last Friday by 71 to 58 and the CBA “A” count a victory by 20 to 0, due to its rival, Valsequillo, did not appear for the match.

The U18 CBA, won last Saturday at Gran Canaria by 5 points (60-65), while the CBA 7 Palmas U9 did not let the CD Arenas to score (51-0).


The CBA Gran Canaria, brilliant champion of the International Tournament U15 Tenerife Island – Santa Cruz City



Piti González-Roca’s players won the great final of this event against the champion of the 2014 edition, Tusli Berlin (Germany), by 111 – 77. The most outstanding players for their scores were Gabriel Pérez (30) and Dai Hao (24).

Campeón CBA


Next week

The games that the CBA will play during next week are:

Tuesday (17:30 h): CIBA Academy vs CBA ‘B’ (Male U15), at the Canterbury School court

Wednesday (17:30h): CBA ‘B’  vs CBA ‘A’ (Male U16), at IES 7 Palmas.

Wednesday (19:00h): CBA ‘C’ vs CB Goleta (Male U18), at IES 7 Palmas.

Friday (18:00h): CBA ‘B’ vs Baloncesto Telde (Male U18), at IES 7 Palmas.

Saturday (18:00h): Santa Lucía Basket vs CBA ‘A’ (Male U12), at La Unión court.

Saturday (19:30h): Atefuer Cenobio Valerón vs CBA ‘A’ (Male U18), at Beatriz Mendoza court.