Pepe Carrión: “We have competed all the game”

“My assessment… if you look at the stats, we did not make perimeter shots, but, in spite of everything, we have been there, fighting… It is very difficult, and I have already told my players, to keep on defending after missing shots. I have told them: today you can be proud because you never gave up. We have been competing all the game and I think that we have stepped forward again training young players that have added things to the team. I watch the stats and I see that there are five players with more than 6 rebounds; that is a sign, the team is working as a team and everybody tries to add something; some score, some do not… that is, more or less, what happened”.

Ñete Bohigas (Cáceres Patrimonio de la Humanidad coach): “This win cost a fortune”

“I am extremely happy. Not because of our basketball; possibly people did not come back home really happy, but after our week, this victory cost a fortune, because we had a terrible week. The facts that because of familiar problems Ben (Kenneth) had to leave, doubting if he was going to return or not…, adding Luis Parejo and Brandom Sebirumbi’s injury, and this last one playing injured… made us use tricks to win the game as we could. This is the valuation we must say because other kind of thoughts are difficult to say. But anyway, these games have the same value as those of Marín, Araberri or any other win. And I am satisfied, because it was not easy to win today”.