Canarias Basketball Academy is in the region of Madrid to reach the highest place as possible in the U18 Spanish Championships and the first day has been successful: victory over CB Clavijo from La Rioja (51-93) in Torrejón.

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U18 CBA chose Jon Peña, Álvaro Reyes, Jordan Blount, Johnny Wang and Menno Dijkstra to start the game and from the first moments it imposed the rhythm with a great defense. That is why in minute 10, the Academy’s team had a 24 point advantage (12-36) with 11 points by forward Álvaro Reyes.


In the second quarter the distance kept on growing up to 30-61 at halftime with 14 ranking points by Álvaro Reyes and 16 by Menno Dijkstra (8 points and 8 rebounds).

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In the third period CBA did not reduce its speed only letting 3 points (3-23 for a 33-84) and finally the encounter ended with 51-93.

The three most outstanding players of the game were Álvaro Reyes who added 19 points and 24 efficiency points, Serigne Lamine who accumulated 17 points and 6 catches, and Johnny Wang who got 15 points and 8 rebounds for 22 ranking points.

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Canarias Basketball Academy is facing Colegio Leonés tomorrow Monday at 4 pm (local time) at Pabellón Jorge Garbajosa in Torrejón.

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