From the 24th to the 30th of May Andorra and La Seu d’Urgell are going to host the U16 Spanish Championships and the team coached by Samuel Sosa is going to travel this Friday to the country of the Pyrenees where it is going to practice on Saturday before the most important competition of the year.

CBA cadete en el aeropuerto

U16 CBA is going to play in Group “F” (there are 8 in total) along with the first teams from La Rioja and Santander, in addition to the second from Catalonia. Its debut will be on Sunday vs CBC D’Elhuyar at Palau d’Esports in La Seu D’Urgell (at 10:30 am, CET).

Next Sosa’s players will fight vs EM Santander on Monday at 10 am at Poliesportiu Municipal in La Seu D’Urgell, the same venue in which on Tuesday will challenge Joventut at 12:30 am.


CBA’s squad will be composed by these players: Diego Willis, Samuel Sánchez, Álvaro García, Sergio Perdomo, José Manuel Pérez, Eduardo Pascual, Rodolfo Sopo, Azael Trujillo, Luis Antonio Álvarez, Xiaoyi Wang, Li Shenghze, Andrés Andrade and injured Maodo Gueye. Moreover, the coaching staff will be formed by Samuel Sosa, Sergio Salesa, Ricardo González-Roca and Antonio Sánchez. CBA’s President Rob Orellana and General Manager Aránzazu Calvo will also join the group.