The third game in Adecco Plata is going to mean the second trip for CBA Gran Canaria, the first one towards the Basque Country where this Sunday (at 5 pm, insular time) is going to play vs powerful Sammic ISB, coleader with Lucentum Alicante.


Pepe Carrión’s players face this appointment with optimism in spite of not having won yet.

In that sense, British guard Tom Ward considers that the last defeat in Marín (67-56) was hard because “in spite of playing with much effort, we could not score”, as he regrets that “defensively we allowed too many shots inside the paint”.

Therefore, he declares that “we have to move the ball better in offense, get Aaron Geramipoor and Yaroslav Tyrna the ball in the posting positions where they can score better”.

After his first two games in the third Spanish league, about which he thinks that “is very good in tactic terms”, he precises that “talentwise I think we are as good, if not better, as the teams we have played against, but some of these teams have been together for a long time. That is as important as talent and skill in any team”, affirms.

Finally, he does not give importance to his score even though he has added 23 points in the last game in Galicia (5/7 3P) because “if I score many points and the team does not win it does not mean anything; I do not care about the points I score, the important thing is that the team wins”.

“For the next game, I have the same mindset. If I have to score 20 plus points and the team wins, that’s good. If I score 10, it does not matter. The important thing is that we have to get the ball inside, create good shots, have a great defense and play as a team. If we do that, we could win”, finishes CBA’s No 5.