Centro Insular de Deportes opened its gates on Wednesday for the 12th Adecco Plata game in which Gran Canaria beat CB Tarragona in an intense game and always leading the scoreboard (70-66).

Mate de Jacobo Díaz

Berni Hernández, Kaleb Wright, Roberto Guerra, Aaron Geramipoor and Konstantin Kulikov started in CBA Gran Canaria whereas Berni Álvarez used David Fernández, Oscar Ngomo, Dani Martínez, Ben Congiusta and Dominique Fergurson. It should also be underlined that Canarias Basketball Academy young player Andrés Díaz was called up for the first time with the first CBA team.

CBA Gran Canaria controlled the game from the beginning and was more effective and reliable than the rival in the first minutes but  improved and reduced the margen in the end of the first quarter (19-16 as Kaleb Wright y Aaron Geramipoor had already scored 6 points a piece).

The same script was written in the second quarter and Berni Álvarez had to call a time out in the minute 14 (26-18). His speech worked and Marc Giménez scored a three pointer (26-21). Nevertheless the  local team focused on getting better its defense and got the best distance (32-23), which caused another time out by the visiting team. At halftime there was only a leader on the court and that was CBA Gran Canaria (39-27 and Kaleb Wright was the top scorer with 11 points).

After the break, the same old story: CBA Gran Canaria lead and small runs by the team from Catalonia (55-48, minute 30). Everything changed in the beginning of the last quarter (59-57, minute 33) but CBA Gran Canaria did not get nervous even though CB Tarragona was very close (62-59, minute 36). With three minutes left one of the officials got injured and was assisted, but the game was not called off and CBA Gran Canaria got an important 5-0 run that was not answered by Berni Alvarez´s players. Third win in a row for CBA Gran Canaria (70-66).

Kaleb Wright

Kaleb Wright was the best in ranking points with 25 points (21 scoring points, 6 rebounds, 7 fouls drawn) following by Roberto Guerra with 20 (14 points and 10 rebounds).

These are the stats of the game.