The Canarias Basketball Academy leaves this Saturday to Bilbao, where the players  will compete in the U18 Men’s Spanish Championship; held between the 30th of April to the 6th of May.

The coach of CBA, chief of operations Piti González-Roca, explains that the objective of the CBA is “to go match by match, since we are in a complicated group, because we are facing the first classified of their respective communities”, adding: “The first game will be very important, because we always prefer to start with good footing and good feelings are positive for the group and the future of the team in the championship”.

Glez-Roca defines the twelve players with whom will compete in Basque Country for playing a great role, according to the excellent performances of the Academy in this event:

Montaje Cpto. España

- SHENGZHE LI: Third season at the Academy, our center, the pivitol man in the paint. Good moves on the low post, consistent shots from 5-6 meters, good offenisve and defensive rebounder and solid “timing” defensive presence in the paint.

- ANTONIO ÁLVAREZ: Third season at the Academy, is a player that every coach would like to have in his team, for his fight, commitment, and sacrifice. He is a player whose impact is not reflected by statistics, but in his hustle and effort plays. Great rebounding instinct, especially on the offensive. Spreads the defense with his solid three point shooting.

- DANILO BRNOVIC: First season with us this year, and of Montenegrin. He is the team’s starting forward. Standing at 2’02m he is a great contender on the boards; Has good individual technique, which allows him to play both face and back to basket. Good shot from 3 point line. He is called to be one of the team’s top men on this date.

- JOSÉ PÉREZ: He is the captain of the team, both on and off the court. This is his fourth season at the Academy, and so he wants to say goodbye through reaching the top in the Championship of Spain. He alternates base / escort positions, has very good individual technique, effective shooter at all distances and can finish around the basket He is a good defender and great ability to jump, so despite his stature, he is proficient in defensive rebounding. He will undoubtedly lead his team well.

- DIEGO WILLIS: Along with Jose, Diego shares the role of  leader both on and off the court. Playing the point and shooting guard positions, Diego shows very good individual technique, in particular his ability to pull-up at mid-range. Additionally he is a strong defender and defensive rebounder, despite playing in outside positions. This is his third season at the Academy and, like Jose, wants to bid farewell with resounding success in the upcoming championship.

- ANDRÉS ANDRADE: One of the “veterans” of the squad, as this is his third season with us. As with Toño, he is a player whose presence is felt by their immense dedication, hustle and effort. Playing the forward position, Toño excels on the defensive end, and stands as the backbone of his team´s defense . Though his minutes are limited this year, he is both young and a quick learner, qualities well merited when he gets an opportunity to enter the starting lineup next year.

- CARLOS GÓMEZ: This is Carlos´ second season at the Academy and his first year junior. He plays in the shooting guard position and his main strength lies in his highly proficient ability to shoot beyond the arc. His role as a spot up shooter coming off the bench melds well with other players ability to penetrate and find the open shooters.

- ADRIÁN MOLINA: Second season with us for this second year junior. He plays in the point guard position and stands out above all for his defensive ability and intensity on the court. A player who has a few minutes, but whenever he goes on the floor, he brings to the table energy and effort. His charming optimism and willingness to work, creates a very good atmosphere within the group.

- JOAN SOROLLA: First season with us at the Academy for the first year junior. He assumes the forward position coming off the bench. Physically a very strong player, with good rebounding ability, and a fighter under the rim. His supple frame more than makes up for his rather short stature for his position.

- ADAN DASWANI: First season with us at the Academy for the first year junior from Tenerife. He plays in the forward position, a player who enjoys few minutes this season, but who has managed to assume his role to perfection. He stands out for his ability to shoot three pointers. He is a team player, with a very good attitude and always ready to work, creating a very good atmosphere within the group.

- OLIVER DELGADO: This is Oliver´s first season with us at the Academy, for the second year junior from Lanzarote. He plays in the point and shooting guard positions and stands out for his ball handling and ability to score 1×1. Defensively, he is a very intense player, whose quick feet and strong sense makes him one of the best on-ball defenders on the team. A born worker, who assumes his role well and provides a positive uplift to his teammates.

- XAVI COMPANY: The first season with us at CBA for the second year junior from Catalonia. He plays in the shooting guard position and stands out for his high awareness off ball, as such his movement without the ball and his help defense is exemplary. A team player, he always has his eyes out for the open man. His great defense and attitude towards the game is great for the chemistry of the team.