As an international center of high performance, the Canarias Basketball Academy is used to getting players from all over the world. However, until 2014-2015 there not been any Mexican players in its ranks for a whole season, since it is only registered the quarterly raid of Charly Zesati.

mexican five

Jorge Galindo, Diego Willis, Luis Ochoa, Simón Saleh and Luis Antonio Álvarez

In this matter, and due to the successful project “200 thousands students for Mexico”, commanded by the journalist Enrique Garay, arrived at the CBA two Aztec promises: Diego Willis (Hermosillo) and Luis Antonio Álvarez (Jalisco), sons of ex-players of the Mexican senior team.

Toño y Willis

Luis Antonio Álvarez and Diego Willis

Willis and Álvarez get into the U16 CBA team then, which participated in the last Spanish Championship, ending a successful season, both in personal and as a collective. Following this, they disputed the FIBA Américas with their selection in Bahía Blanca (Argentina), accumulating a new international experience with that.

Luis Ochoa

Luis Ochoa

The pioneers experience was so satisfactory that Garay has keep relying this course on CBA, jointing a new future bet at this high performance center; Luis Ochoa, a power-forward formed in the Wildcats of Aguascalientes, who has already been preselected for the Canary team that will play in the next Spanish Championship of autonomic teams.

coke y toño

Jorge Galindo and Luis Antonio Álvarez

 Like Ochoa, Jorge Galindo has also been accumulated for this matter, despite of being first year U16. What is more, at his short aged, he can boast of having played in three different countries: in Mexico, with Jalisco team; in USA, with the “GBAcademy” Californian high school; and in Spain, in the Canary Academy presided by Rob Orellana.

Simón Saleh

Simón Saleh

Finally, Simón Saleh completes the Mexican five of CBA, a point guard of 2011 of D.F., he comes from Don Bosco high school. In his case, his father was the person who suggested him to apply for the CBA, a chance that he took without any doubt and he qualifies “the best experience of his life”.