From the 6th to the 8th of June our First National senior players are going to try to complete a superb season by qualifying for the fourth Spanish Division: EBA.
Pozuelo and Alcorcón (two teams from the region of Madrid) and Ciudad Real (from Castilla La Mancha) are going to be our opponents during an intense weekend when there will be two tickets for EBA, a competition where there are games in Canarias, Madrid and Castilla La Mancha.
After winning the Canarian First National competition in April, our seniors have been without official games for two months and are ready now for a big challenge in Antelo Parada Sports Hall in Alcobendas.

This the schedule:

Alcorcón – Ciudad Real at 18:30
Pozuelo – Canarias Basketball Academy at 20:30

Canarias Basketball Academy – Alcorcón at 16:30
Pozuelo – Ciudad Real at 18:30

Canarias Basketball Academy – Ciudad Real at 10:30
Pozuelo – Alcorcón at 12:30