By Cristian Gil

 “The CBA is the ideal place to become the best player possible”

In the last years, the German basketball reputation has rose a lot and has done a significant leap in the international outlook. The development of the sport in the Teutonic country has a vigorous speed, intense and without too many pauses, which makes it an important spotlight of talents with views to the following years. It couldn’t be any other way, at the CBA Summer Camp the German is also spoken, especially from the mouths of two thirteen year old boys that dream to emulate as Kyrie Irving, Russel Westbrook or Dennis Schroder. To Valentin Vega and Elias Baggette the CBA is the first experience outside his natal country and they have chosen it because “we knew we were coming to a place where we were going to work hard, but wanted to live the experience because we were aware that they were going to require the maximum and we were going to be able to improve a lot.”


Like many other players, Vega and Baggette met each other in the Summer Camp and learned what the CBA was about through internet: “I talked to my mom and told her I wanted to find a camp that would make me be a better player, I wanted to improve a lot and she looked into it on the internet. There we learned what they did in the academy and I liked it. We watched videos and observed that here they worked really hard and intensive, it was what I wanted. My mom talked with Valentin’s mother and convinced her to come together”, commented Elias.

Berlin’s ISS is the team where both of them are training actually, even Valentin says that this Summer Camp is “really hard because in Berlin they don’t train as hard. It was hard to get used to it, but slowly we have been getting into the dynamic. Here we train a lot better than in Germany, we could verify it ourselves”.

Their road to basketball come from their families. Being a coach, Baggette’s father was the inspiration needed to get into this world: “Since I was a kid I saw Basketball, I had a ball in my hands and I played; I wont trade it for anything in the world”, emphasize the Teutonic point guard. Likewise, Valentin narrates it was also his parents that took him to take the bait, because when I was younger “I practiced football and I liked it a lot, but one day he took me to a court and he tought me how to play. At the end, I opted for the basketball because I loved it”.

Despite their age, Valentin and Elias are two good experts of this sports discipline, something you can observe when you compare the styles of play in Germany and Spain. For Baggette, the difference is in “the speed and the aggressiveness in Spanish basketball is a lot higher than in the German. There we played in a much colder and meticulous way, in Spain it is a heart issue and race, even though they don’t lack the talent”. About the CBA level and the Spanish players, Valentin explained that he didn’t know much about it, but he was a fanatic of “Gasol’s brothers… From Spain I only know about Juan Carlos Navarro”.


When they go back to Berlin, Valentin and Elias will tell their friends and acquaintances about the Summer Camp and that the CBA is the place “suitable if you want to develop your game, if you want to improve and meet a different kind of basketball. Here we are doing a very exhaustive practices, but it’s worth it because you know it will be useful to develop all your skills”, he added: “It’s a hard camps, but clearly that the CBA is the ideal place to become the best player possible”. “I hope that more Germans come here”, he concluded.