By Cristian Gil

“This Summer Camp is the best one in Europe”

During the 2015 CBA Summer Camp in the Tarifa Alta’s Academy players around the world joined together, even from countries where basketball is not a big deal. In a miner city like Kongsberg, placed in Norway, four kids dream about a life full of opportunities bounded to basketball, that’s what made them come to Gran Canaria to improve and develop on a platform like the CBA. They are Brage Vejlgaard, Matias Steidel (1998), Andreas Rief and Tobias Rotegard (2000).

Noruegos en el Summer Camp

Even tho they still have the shyness of the youth, the two older ones, Vejlgaard and Steidel, have their say when they had to make clear that choosing this option was a matter of “wanting to improve and develop our game. Our coach talked to us about the CBA and the camps they organize in Europe; that’s what encouraged us to take the final decision and come”.

On his behalf, Tobias commented that his landing in the academy was agreed by his father, who is also his coach. “My father told me that CBA was a fantastic place to improve my skills and he encouraged me to get on the flight. He thought that it was a good opportunity and, truly, he was right; I don’t regret coming here because the practices are really intense and hard. When you come here you don’t think it’s going to be a hard experience, but whatever you do will make you a better player”, declared the Norwegian point guard. Also, the last of them, Matias, the more shy one, claimed that his presence in the Summer Camp CBA is “to improve the way I play, it’s the only thing that worries me. I heard (who?) talking about the CBA and I didn’t doubt it”.

In that way, everyone agree that they wanted to investigate this new Project. “I saw a couple of videos and I went to the website to see how it was. The truth is that it amazed me, because I observed that this philosophy coincide with what I was looking for this summer. All I have heard about the CBA was a good thing and now I can confirm it”, Brage concluded in everyone’s name. Despite of that the camp is really demanding, Matias says “the third week was the more easy than the first one (laughs); we had a lot of practices and all I wanted was to rest (Laughs). However, after being here for couple of weeks I’m used to it, and my body has adapted to this, it’s what I wanted, to improve my physical and technicall skills”.

Noruegos en el CBA Summer Camp 2015

The boys also had time to speak a little bit about basketball in Norway, a country that leads the historical medal count in the winter Olympics games. Rotegard stated that the basketball “isn´t a really famous sport in Norway and also its not played in the same way as in Spain. The game is not as physical, slower and its played, most of all, in the half court and without running much . The biggest difference that I see, is that in Spain the basketball in more aggressive and intense”. Likewise, Rief added that, because of the players that Spain exports to the NBA, its “a nation that work well with basketball in all senses. They have been world champions and European champions; their players are highly talented and, even though I don’t know a lot about the ABC league, the euroleague and eurocup teams always show a tremendous level”.

However, despite playing in the same club and having come to the same camps, Brage and Matias objectives are different. To Vejlgaard, his only goal is “to try to get into the best university possible in America trought basketball. Evidently, I would like to keep playing, but the most important thing for me to this day is to study in the right place”, while Steidel states that, in the same way as his countryman, he would like to go to the EEUU and study there, although his idea is “try to become a professional and dedicate myself to basketball. I want to improve, learn more and I am going to make an effort to reach my goal”. 

Finally, none of the four doubt about recommending this CBA summer Camp. Brage, who is the one who spent the most time in Gran Canaria, highlighted: “I would suggest everybody in the world to live this experience in the CBA. It´s very enjoyable, you learn how to play basketball , you meet people from all around the world , and you share lots of moments with lots of different people …I believe that these are the benefits of living in the Academy”, ends up the power forward.