The former Canaries Basketball Academy player and current member of the prestigious University of Maryland team, Joshua Tomaic, will play the U19 World Cup in Cairo, Egypt, from 1 to 9 July. 


In this sense, the first rival of Spain will be Japan, which they will face on July 1, and then against Canada (July 2) and Mali (July 4).

In addition to Tomaic, coach Luis Guil has also summoned: Ignacio Ballespin (CB Obila), Osas Ehigitor (Fuenlabrada), Maxim Esteban (FC Barcelona), Pol Figueras (FC Barcelona), Aleix Font (FC Barcelona), Pol Molins (Joventut), Victor Moreno (Fuenlabrada), Ignacio Rosa (Unicaja), Eric Vila (Texas A&M), Bernat Vanaclocha (Estudiantes) and Álvaro Sanz (B. Zaragoza).

Joshua, España

The rest of the coaching staff is composed of assistant coaches Salva Camps and Javier Zamora, physical trainer David Enciso, doctor Antonio García, physiotherapist Juan Carlos Palacio and team manager Manolo Castro. Also, the Spanish referee appointed for this event is Fernando Calatrava.