The Canarias Basketball Academy has five players from Cataluña this season, a data that confirms the awareness that this international, high performance center is gaining in that region.

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In this matter, the point guard Juan Alberto Esteves-Gª Coffi (7/8/98) has been in this center for two seasons, competing at the Academy for all of his U18 stage. He started in this sport discipline at the Secció Esportiva Santa Eulalia (SESE), motivated by his mother and big brother. Nevertheless, before he arrived at the CBA, we played a season at L’Hospitalet, where he affirms that he “takes advantages of those times”.


Juan Alberto Esteves-Gª Coffi

Coffi shared U12 selection with his current partner Pau Truñó, a stage that both remember with a lot of clarity because they finished second in Spain.


Pau Truñó

Truñó (5/8/98), meanwhile, also followed his big brother’s steps at basketball, starting at the Club Safa Claror at U11. Years later, at U13, he passed the tests of the Joventud de Badalona, staying at its school until he made the decision, this season, to travel to Gran Canaria to achieve his dream: “I would love playing at the States, while I study Physical Education at a good university”. With La Penya, the Catalan point guard was Spain champion at U14, second at U18 and third at U16.

Of the same generation of these two players is the guard, Rafa Puerta (30/3/98), who represented the T-shirt of the Associació Esportiva L’Hospitalet, Cornellà, F.C. Barcelona and L’Hospitalet, where he was for four seasons before being at the CBA. He wanted to file for the Academy because “it was the only Spanish club that give me the chance to being visible in the States, because my aim is studying there, Physiotherapy or Physical Education, while I keep playing”.


Rafa Puerta

The fourth Catalan protagonist, Roger Guardiola (7/11/00), he is the only one who comes from Girona, where he played at the CB Sant Gregori and Sant Josep. With the Academy, he plays as point guard in the U16 team that is lead by Coach Mario Gómez.”I feel that I am improving a lot, my decission of coming to the CBA was the correct choice”, Guardiola says.


Roger Guardiola

Finally, the only senior player of this five is Max Edwards (22/3/97), player with double nationality, that is why he played last summer in the U18 Austria European Championships with the English national selection. Before, he was federated in Cataluña with the School Sagrado Corazón de L’Eixample, the club Roser and L’Hospitalet. As with his partners, he has his aims clear: “I would love to get a grant for studying Political Sciences in the States and playing there”.


Max Edwards