As usual, Tafira Alta’s Residence this time of the year welcomes players from all around the world. That’s because the 2015 CBA Summer Camp gathers basketball players from countries as different as Georgia, Senegal, Ukraine, China, Holland and Argentina.

In this last case, the two interns with this nationality have met for the first time in the academy, even though they are the same age, have the same position, play the same sport and live a few kilometers away from each other. They are: Augusto Mauricio Bonicatto and Federico Ruiz.

Bonicatto And Ruiz

Bonicatto: “This campus is great for improving”

Coming from Club Deportivo Villa Elisa, the point guard Augusto Mauricio applied to the 2015 CBA Summer Camp, motivated by an ex-coach from the CBA who explained him in another event what this unique project is all about. From that point on, Bonicatto spent his time researching the internet until he had the opportunity to move to Spain to meet the academy and train there all July.

Already half-way through his stay, the Argentinian point guard considered that “this is professional” and that “he knew it was going to be hard, but staying here is even harder”. “I had seen videos and information about the CBA, but nothing of what they say is similar to the way they work here”, affirms, while he adds: “It is  incomparable to any other experience before”.

Through his experience in the CBA, Bonicatto highlights the exigency of the high performance, at the same time he explains that “here they correct a lot of the details that you didn’t even know you were doing wrong”, that’s why he recommends this camp to anyone who desired to improve his play.


Ruiz: “Now I feel more confident” 

The Junior play head master of Villa Urquiza (Federal Capital) wanted to play outside the country, and, in this way, Spain seemed like the ideal place to start. It was then when his friend talked to him about the CBA and the way they work, being amazed with everything he heard.

I expected this level and I love it; I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve”, Ruiz says, that also highlights that “the Summer Camp gives you the tools to play, you leave here changed, even with different mentality”.

In the other side, the Argentinian point guard stated that “after being here, you feel more confident and more free to do different changes, throws…” that’s why he appreciates optimistically “how they correct you here, because you realize how to take advantage from it”.