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After the great experience with the first edition, the Canarias Basketball Academy, in colaboration with the capital town, presents the second CBA Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city tour. Four days full of basketball in Jesús Telo and the ULPGC courts.

This sport event takes place from 24th to 27th of September, beginning this Thursday afternoon, at 08.30 p.m., and finishing  Sunday after thev final game. Then we will proceed to celebrate the awards ceremony.

Furthermore, apart from CBA teams, CB Arenas, CD SBT (San Bartolomé de Tirajana), Archi8, Telde, Loyola and Unelco Tenerife will participate at this tournament.




Thursday 20:30h

CBA Jr1 vs Telde BT & CBT Jr2 vs Unelco

Friday 18:00h

CBA Jr 1 vs Unelco & CBA Jr2 vs Telde BT

Friday 20:30h

CBA1vs CBA2 & CBA3 vs CBA4

Friday 21:00h

Arenas vs Loyola & Archi8 vs Maspalomas

Saturday 9:30h

CBA Jr1 vs CBA Jr2 & Telde BT vs Unelco

Saturday 11:00h

CBA1 vs Arenas & CBA2 vs Loyola

Saturday 16:45h

Archi 8 vs CBA3 & Maspalomas vs CBA4

Saturday 18:30h

CBA1 vs Loyola & CBA2 vs Arenas

Saturday 20:15h

Archi8 vs CBA4 & Maspalomas vs CBA3

Sunday 9:30h

4ºGI vs GII & 3ºGI vs 3ºGII

Sunday 11:00h

2ºGI vs GII & 1ºGI vs GII