By Cristian Gil

The Canarias Basketball Academy has given the go-ahead to the 2015/2016 season. The door opened to the players with a presentation on the new course. The president of the Academy, Rob Orellana, welcomed both parents and players, in a talk that took place within the residence of Tafira Alta. He explained the needs and demands of the upcoming campaign. In addition, the chief operating officer, Samuel Sosa, explained the rules to all residents for their coexistence to be as comfortable as possible, which serves as a first contact for new players, according to the philosophy that has been an important part of CBA since its founding.


Rob Orellana also took the floor to express what they expect from this season. He claimed that the CBA is “a way of life, a culture that we all must respect and comply one hundred percent”, and asked the “guys who spent time here before to help new players, because we have to be a big family”. Likewise, he cited a phrase from Mike Tyson to make it clear to the kids that work ethic is very important when it comes to joining the Academy: “Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face”.


Finally, Orellana stressed that the number one goal of the CBA is to “help to make your dreams come true”. “We have to give the best of ourselves to achieve our ambitions, because there will be days when you think that there is no strength to continue, but we must persist”.