Miguel Gordo and Itamar Barreto from the Canarian Federation worked this last Sunday 14th of December in the morning at Pabellón Miguel Solaesa in Colegio Heidelberg and in the afternoon at La Vega de San José with a U16 pre-selection facing the Autonomic Spanish Championships and three Canarias Basketball Academy players were included in the list: Samuel Sánchez (below, the third on the left), Azael Trujillo (standing the third on the right) and Sergio Perdomo (standing the third on the left). For Sánchez and Perdomo this was the third call by the Canarian Federation ever and the first for Trujillo.


If they are finally chosen for the Spanish Championships, they would play in Valladolid from the 2nd to the 6th of January in 2015.

Let’s go, boys!