The Canarias Basketball Academy started its 10th year with its classic “Welcome Day” for CBA Players and Family. The Academy residence was the scene of an initial contact for the new players and the veteran players with the CBA Philosophy and CBA Culture, which was explained by the CBA president, Rob Orellana.


Orellana said that this will be a special year: “I am very happy because today we start a new way with new goals and new players. This is our 10th anniversary and we have some great events lined up to celebrate our birthday. It is an honor for me and for every coach, every person who has been a part of this big family that continues to grow generation after generation”.


On the other hand, the president talked about the meaning of being part of the CBA Culture: “You are here because you want to be the best player, you can be, but everyone here must know that this Academy doesn’t care if you score thirty points or grab fifteen rebounds. We care about being a family; the veteran players must help the new players. For a new player it is very hard to start in a new environment that’s why it’s so important that everyone helps everyone.


Moreover, some players read an article which was written by ESPN Analyst, Jay Bilas, called “TOUGHNESS¨. The ex-player explains in his own words things which are very important to understand CBA’s Philosophy. With this in mind, Rob Orellana went on to express that playing in The USA is not impossible for CBA players: “We have currently 26 former CBA players who will play in NCAA Division I this season and we have had more than 80 CBA former players who have played in the NCAA D1 in 9 years. Our philosophy our culture and our training methods work. All you need to do is TRUST THE PROCESS!”


Finally, the players, their families and the CBA staff shared a lunch at the Academy to commemorate the start of a new season.

CBA will come back to roar this season. Let´s Go CBA!