In Switzerland, basketball is not a very important sport. It is a very different country for many reasons, but CBA has been able to be involved with it. Two friends from Switzerland have come to CBA Summer Camp with only one reason: “Improve, improve and improve”. Mattia and Pablo play basketball at SAM Basket, a club from Lugano, but they wanted a different experience: “Our fathers searched on the internet Camps in Europe. We were looking for a profesional camp and a friend of our coach talked to him about this Academy. Thus, we looked information about CBA and we decided to come here”.


They told us that they are looking for a place like CBA, with its facilities and its practice sessions: “We are here because we want a professional camp, we want to improve our individual skills during this Summer and CBA has everything that we were looking for. The practices are so hard. We are very tired because we arrived here a few days ago, but we are sure that we will get used to CBA method”.

Both players have noticed difference in the level of basketball between Switzerland and Spain. In fact, they believe that the CBA method is the key of the Academy: “The basketball level in Spain is so much better than Switzerland. We have experienced many differences in a few days. In Switzerland we trained twice a day, but with less intensity than here. At CBA you need to put the focus in every practice, because it is stronger”.

Like many campers, Mattia and Pablo know that they´re dream will be difficult to acheive, but they think that training at CBA will help them: “Our goal is to improve, improve and improve. We want to be a professional players in the future, and this summer, training at CBA, is the best way to approach it. We know that this goal is not easy, but CBA experience is a great step to us”.