Canarias Basketball Academy’s first team got a new win (79-59) in Liga Adecco Plata, overtaking one of the best rivals in the competition: el Zornotza Saskibaloi Taldea.

Tiro libre de Jacobo Díaz (15 puntos y 24 de valoración)

At Centro Insular de Deportes, Pepe Carrión chose his usual starting line-up: Berni Hernández, Kaleb Wright, Roberto Guerra, Aaron Geramipoor and Konstantin Kulikov; whereas the Basquet coach, Mikel Garitaonandia, prefered Ibon Carreto, Sasa Borovnjak, Tre Bowman, Arturo Cruz and Ander García.

Since Roberto Guerra made the first basket after two minutes played, CBA Gran Canaria felt more and more confortable and the rival had to call two time outs that did not solve the situation as the locals kept on making easy basketball and showing highlights like Aaron Geramipoor’s dunk and a buzzer beater three-pointer by Diego Quintana. The first quarter finished with a overwhelming 27-7 for CBA Gran Canaria.

The second period was a repetition of the first ten minutes and won these ten minutes again (23-14). 50-21 at halftime and Roberto Guerra already had 21 ranking points (11 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists).

After the break, Zornotza improved to win the last two periods (20-25 y 9-13), but with a hard mortgage that could not work it out. Pepe Carrión, for his part, could split the minutes for everybody.

In this way, CBA Gran Canaria got the fourth win of the season against one of the best teams of the competitions and this triumph also lifted CBA to the 12th place in the standings.

Individually speaking, a local trio exceeded 20 ranking points: Kaleb Wright (24), Roberto Guerra (23) and Jacobo Díaz (22). However, Zornotza’ Serbian Sasa Borovnjak added 32 and was the most outstanding with 25 points and 12 rebounds.