The beginning of the academic course has brought the start of the out of school activities, between which we carry out our basketball teaching. In that sense, Canarias Basketball Academy will keep on developing its ‘CBA School’ project which Lorenzo Godoy runs as last season.

CBA School

“We had the first meeting with all our coaches that have been distributed in all the schools that CBA School is going to coordinate. The activity will be in English because that is our main difference with other similar offers”, Godoy explains.

Furthermore, the Director at CBA School confirms that they “continue the negotiations with other schools to teach there”, and advances that “now the idea is to move our project to those schools during teaching time in the mornings, either with a collaboration with the sports education teachers or with the English department in each school, organizing talks or visits to our residence so that kids can know how an athlete’life is, since it is not only based on sport, but also on studying and other things”.