The Canarias Basketball Academy this season counts with two representatives (CBA Alcaravaneras and CBA Tafira) from the junior category, that started last weekend in which the team is led by Fran Sánchez and Richard Petruska, they get a wide victory in Lanzarote for 39-87 beating Magec Tías.

Sergio Salesa’s team, on the other hand, does not play in this first game, so they will debut this Saturday, in Tías too, at 16.00.

This competition is divided into two groups, belonging the “Easter” to Las Palmas province, where there are eleven teams; six from Gran Canaria, three from Lanzarote and two from Fuerteventura.


Concerning this first victory, Sánchez highlights that “it was hard to get into the game during the first quarter being our first official game; but the second period, everything was much easier”.

In this first CBA Alcaravaneras victory, every player participated and contributed with points. Joshua Tomaic was the best shooter with 23 points, following by Eduardo Gil, with 15 points.

In this matter, their coach points that his template “is form by first year players, more two or three from second years that help us to compete much better”.

On the other hand, Sergio Salesa has marked as a challenge the improvement in every aspects concerning last season: “We want to continue to better our positions in championships and tournaments, and also because the main CBA aim keeps for continually individual improvement of the player”.

Finally, Salesa says that the group he leads this year “possibly, has more rotations than 97’s generations, so, less differences between the first and the second unit”, at the time he finishes saying “we are very competitive and physical, which enables us to defend during all forty minutes on the court, to play aggressive, which leads to defensive stops that turn into offensive runouts”.