U14 Canarian Team travelled this Wednesday to Zaragoza where from the 2nd to the 5th of April they will play in the Regional Spanish Championships.

One of the twelve called players has been two years at Canarias Basketball Academy.  We are talking about Dai Hao who “despite the fact that this is his first year with the team, he can make a difference in our team and in the Championship”, Rafael Brisson claims, U14 Canarian coach.


“We hope that Dai Hao has an important role because, in addition to this talent, he has many different skills that are going to help our team not only because he scores but also because he can dish balls to his teammates thanks to his court vision”, Brisson explains and adds: “It can be noticed that he is in an Academy because those practice hours everyday makes him be at the level of the older players than him”. 

On the other hand, Canarian coach is surprised by “his commitment to be a part of the group, something that has been seen in the previous two calls before this Championship, though the language handicap”. 

Regarding the Spanish Championship, Brisson believes that “we can do something important because I have very talented players”, and underlines: “I am not going to limit our chances; we aspire to the maximum”.

In addition to Dai Hao, this team is also composed by four more Canterbury players (Emilio Conde, Santiago Aldama, Carlos Marrero and Carlos Cazorla), four from Santo Domingo (Javier Ferrer, Iván Roters, Víctor Medina and Jorge J. Jordan) and on from Granca (Gonzalo Iribarren), Heidelberg (Pedro López-SanVicente) and Amuley (Pablo Jorge).

The first games on the 2nd of April are going to be vs Castilla-León at 10 am and at 5:30 pm vs Aragón, the following day they are going to play vs Madrid at 10 am and on the 4th they are going to face País Vasco at 10 am as well. The Finals are going to be organized on the 5th at 11 am.

Finally, Rafael Brisson congratulates “to CBA for the work that is doing with Dai Hao, as every club with its respective players, due to their daily effort we have a regional team that can leave a good feeling, no matter what result it gets”.