CBA Post Graduate Program

We offer a post graduate year to all players who finished their high school in their home country and have the ambition and absolute will to use our coaches and the academy to be able to reach your personal goal.

Our academy is one of the few places in the world where you can combine education with high level basketball. We provide a place that challenges you to become the best in class and on the court, a demanding, intense and exceptional 9 month opportunity to reach your goals.

As a post graduate student you will practice three times per day with our coaches and you will also have strength and conditioning during the day. The focus is on individual development and our coaches’ only goal is to make you the best player you can be. Over 260 practices from September till the end of December and another 250 sessions till the end of May, gives you the opportunity to work on every skill needed to be succesful.

It is not our goal to win championships although you will face great competition in the National First Division and have the opportunity to compete with semi professional players and some of the greatest talents Europe has to offer. With Easter/Christmas you will have a chance to play top teams from around the world in different tournaments.

Work on your skills each and every day and work on specific skills for your position on the court together with teamtraining and total body workout and compete in a great development league in Spain, this is what we have to offer you!

We also make sure you will get exposed to coaches and (professional) teams. CBA welcomes over 250 coaches each year from around the world and we will help you in making the right decision on your next step in your career. We helped over a 100 former CBA players to enroll at universities in the USA on full scholarship or join a professional team somewhere in the world.

Program Highlights

  • Work with the same professional coaches that have trained top NBA and European players.
  • Execute the same professional basketball training program   subscribed to by dozens of current NBA veterans, International Stars, and Collegiate All-Americans.
  • Increase scholarship opportunities through extensive exposure.  College coaches and professional scouts are in regular attendance at training sessions and/or games.
  • Improve individual skill level through daily 3-hour on-the-court workouts with professional skill development coaches.
  • Enhance physical strength and conditioning through daily 2-hour of-the-court workouts with world class movement and performance specialists.


  • Personalized Academic Programs.
  • Small Class Sizes and 1 on 1 tutoring.
  • SAT/ACT Preparatory Classes.
  • Spanish Courses