The 28th game in Adecco Plata is going to be special for five U18 CBA players that have been called by Pepe Carrión due to the absence of several usual players that are playing the HoopGroup Spring Jam Fest in the USA.

That is why Pablo Martín, Xabi Gómez, Kostya Kulikov and Luuk Van Bree’s absences are to be covered by five Sergio Salesa’s players in CBA White: Alejandro González, Álvaro Reyes, Menno Dijkstra, Yixiong Wang and Jon Peña.


From left to right: Alejandro González, Johnny Wang, Menno Dijkstra, Álvaro Reyes and Jon Peña.

In that sense, Menno Dijkstra and Jon Peña not only know what it is being called and practice with a professional team, but also make their debut in Adecco Plata. Even more, Dijkstra remembers his debut with excitement because it was the first win for CBA in the league vs Barça. Furthermore, the Basque poinguard stands out that this is going to be his first game at CID (Centro Insular de Deportes), since in the other two ocassions that he was called, CBA Gran Canaria played on the road.

For their part, the three beginners recognize that they are experiencing a mixture of feelings because on the one hand they are nervous, but on the other and they are looking forward to taking part into this game. “This is a great opportunity that is going to let me learn a lot and that is going to favour us for the Canarian Championships”, Alejandro González says and Yixiong (Johnny) Wang adds that “it is incredible and hard at the same time, because the change from junior to professionals is noticeable”. 

Finally, Álvaro Reyes explains that “the most experienced players hosted us very well, helping us and advicing us in everything”. “It has been very productive to practice with them and realising the little details that experience gives and that make the the difference”, ex ACB player Miguel Ángel Reyes’ son exposes.