Pedro Moniz Pereira da Silva (Portugal, 12/5/1978) is about to fulfill his first season as a coach at the Canarias Basketball Academy, to which he arrived after ten years as coach in Lisbon, where he coached the U16 championship team, the Basket Club of Queluz.



However, he confesses that there came a time when he decided to leave everything behind, including his profession as an engineer, to dedicate himself completely to pursuing his great passion: basketball. Since then, he knew that his destiny was not in Portugal and though his aspiration is “to get to train an American university”, he turned his attention to the Spain, of which he had been closely following Spanish Basketball since 1999 when Spain won the World Junior Men’s Championship in Lisbon.

Son of a national fencing champion and grandson of the reknowned “Professor Moniz Pereira” (coach of athletes, like Carlos Lopes, who won a gold medal in Los Angeles), Pedro admits to joining the CBA “because he (Head Coach Rob Orellana) seduced me his method”, since there is heavy “Focuses on the individual improvement of the player, something that can not be done in a conventional club”: “One of our players was a power forward in his country, given that his team did not abound their physical characteristics. Here, instead, it has evolved to its natural position, which is small forward, since we can focus on it, not giving priority to collective needs”. 



Of this season in the entity presided over by Rob Orellana, highlights “the level of exigency of the Academy, as much as it has to do with the effort as in the amount of hours”. However, he acknowledges having “learned a lot in a short time”, which is why he is very satisfied with his decision.

The highlight of his experience in the CBA was undoubtedly the Adidas Next Generation Tournament held in Lithuania: “It was incredible to participate in such an important event and in a city that breathes so much basketball, as well as see your childhood idols up close , such as Sabonis and Jasikevicius”.