At the Canarias Basketball Academy Summer Camp there are not only players from other countries, but also technicians. This is Pedro Ferreira’s case, who has come from Portugal to “learn other forms of training”.

pedro ferreira 1

As a player, Ferreira played for FC Porto, CAA Salesianos, Maia Basket and AC Alfena, even playing in semi-professional category. As a coach, he started with a minibasket team in the 2010-2011 season. Since then, he has trained to U18, although, in the 16-17, also was an assistant coach.

The Portuguese coach says it was Tim Fanning, a former coach of the CBA, that was the first to tell him about the Academy, saying to him that “here we worked a lot of individual technique and that players came with the goal of going to a university of the United States”.

pedro ferreira 2

On the other hand, his countryman and friend Pedro Silva explained the work he had developed last season at the CBA and he, who wants to “be a better coach”, did not hesitate to come to the Summer Camp to get a closer look at its work method, “I really like the intensity with which you train and that the goal of improvement is very marked, since it is a campus that does not have leisure activities, like other programs I know”.

Finally, he acknowledges that the experience has been “very gratifying and enriching”, since he not only has known another way of working, but he has also seen “in action other technicians who have contributed me a lot in the sport and on a personal level”.