The sportive director of the CBA considers  his first month in the Academy


Paco, how do you value your first weeks as sportive director of the CBA?

The word that best defines this first month of work is intensity, because we have really concentrated on all the sessions of our Summer Camp . Also I would say that time has flown by,  our camps are characterized by having short periods of work, but really intense , which requires a lot of concentration and hard work, for players and coaches . At this point , I would like to highlight the great implication of the coaching group, especially Samuel Sosa , as it is not easy to direct ,  a campus of this style and duration and work .

What’s the difference between the CBA summer camp and other camps? 

I believe that the main difference between  the CBA camp and other camps  is its capacity to integrate players from different countries . Generally speaking , camps from the Canary Islands are directed to canaries children . In the CBA´s case too, but it’s also counts with the integration of other nationalities that give this campus a plus of coexistence and special theme that canaria´s  young players can´t find in other camps

What do you think about the player´s level?

When you take part in a camp, normally you find different levels . In CBA´s case , there are players with specific characteristics which make them shine and others who don´t  shine as much and who evidently come to the CBA to improve . I have perceived that the boys who come from outside  take part in the camp aiming to do intensive work , that is to say that ,  in this camp the key word is basketball ; even the days spent in the beach , where they work out for two hours to improve agility and potential.


How do you feel about some of the talented players benefitting from the CBA social program ?

This must be greatly outlined , since the direction of the Academy provides a certain number of scholarships so players can complete their education. It´s certain that nobody has been left indifferent , as a consequence of what has been said in the interviews .

Is the CBA as you expected?

I already knew what I was getting into , as even in the distance , I have seen the evolution that  CBA has experienced and the type of product they have become.

It doesn´t take me by surprise the commitment and the passion invested , for  I had already seen their teams play and as I already know Rob Orellana since he arrived to the island in the season 94/95 , and know that above everything he loves the intensity of basketball .

Have you started to work on 15/16 season ?

While the summer camp has been going on , we have been planning the season , placing trainers and seeing how many players we are going to welcome for the next  season . We have made a general draft of what this season can become even thought there are some details to work on .

The CBA has confirmed some relationship agreements with other clubs around the island , how do you review these promoted agreements ?

The CBA finds itself in a particular dynamic moment . On itself , all over its existence , the CBA has changed into a product that has gained the interest of other entities . Knowing that it has a high performance center in Tafira , it would be interesting to expand the brand all around the island and , as much as possible , this agreements will benefit from the CBA  method  , applying it at the time and idiosyncrasy of each one . Also , wanting to expand the CBA brand is a synonym of a job well done.

Personally, what about the CBA has drawn your attention the most?

One of the keys to success of the CBA  is its organization chart , with departments in every area of interest , such as administration , communication , marketing , technical-sports and external relationships , where the work of Jordi Lopez is being critical for the goals he CBA is aiming to achieve .

Lastly , what did you expect of  this year?

First of all has been joining to the dynamics of work , trying , from there on, for the professional and personal world to go hand by hand.