Now that I’m about to serve a year in America, I look back and it seems like yesterday when Rob Orellana told me that ASA College was giving me the chance to play at the Junior College in Brooklyn.


The truth is that the news took me by surprise, I had doubts weather I should accept or not, but finally, I leaned towards “yes”, because I couldn’t let the slip by.

At the end of September I arrived in New York. I already knew the city due to the tours I made with the CBA, but I didn’t know where my new home was. So now, here I am in Brooklyn, living the “American dream”. And it has been positive so far. Three weeks of official trainings, a lot of defense, but plenty of toughness, both physic and mental.

Also, my residence is athletic only with basketball, football, soccer and lacrosse players, which I had no idea what would be like.

The truth is that it is not a campus like the majority of people would imagine when they think about an American Junior College. We sleep in the same place, study in another that is 5 minutes walking, and then have a place to train and play. I even got confused when I arrived because we have an image from films that is quite different from the reality.


The first week and a half was an adjustment. To my teammates, the city, weather, and traffic. Yes, traffic; there is a lot of movement here, and more if you live on the main street, where normally you to hear the police, firefighters or ambulances horn every half an hour.

Pertaining to my schedule, normally we wake up at 9 to get ready because the training is from 10.30 to 12.15. Then we come back to the residence at 12.45 so we are able to arrive at classes, which in my case start at 1 and finish at 4.

Coach Spiders way of training seems very positive to me, because he makes everyone feel importance and incorporated. That way we are all on the same page. Something I consider fundamental to achieve success.

As for my teammates, I am very lucky to meet a “malagueño”, Víctor, who has helped me a lot with integrating. We have one Czech and two Canadians and the rest are Americans. I think we have a great team and we hope to have a good season.

My daily routine is to go the court at the end of the main street, because we have all afternoon to go shopping, sleep, train and study.


For now, that is all. Until we start with competition, I will write again to tell you all the news. See you!!