Although it is not essential to have been a player to practice coaching, the truth is that this experience is very valuable when it comes to carrying out this task, especially when your players long to follow in your path. 

Oumar 3

This is the case of coach Oumar Sylla (Mali, 1984), who arrived this season at the Canarias Basketball Academy with the intention of “helping players to get their dream”, as he did in the United States, where he combined his French and communication studies with the NCAA Division I; First with Valparaiso and then with Richmond.

CBI Round 1 - Virginia Cavaliers 66 Richmond Spiders 64

Sylla tells the wonders of his university career, in which he recognizes that he has felt “a superstar, since you have covered all your needs thanks to the scholarship”. For this reason, he says that he would recommend this experience “to everyone”, although he warns that one should be prepared “both physically and mentally”. 

Oumar 2

Therefore, CBA is the perfect place to achive this goal, because “it’s like a master, here you specialize in each skill, something that is not easy to find in conventional clubs”. 

Oumar 4

After university, Sylla pursued his sporting career in Kosovo and Germany. He lived for 9 years, not only played in teams Friedrichshofen, Konstanz and Bernau, but also worked as coach in the latter stage. “Basketball has always been present in my life and I hope it stays that way, that’s why I came to the best Academy in Europe”, he finishes.