The CBA Christmas Camp is the second campus of the Canarias Basketball Academy that Núria González has enrolled in and to the Mallorcan player it is clear that to achieve her goal, which is “reaching the Balearic Select team and then the Spanish National team”, CBA is her best path.


Born in Palma in 2003, she chose to play basketball “because everybody told me that it was the sport that suited me because of mya  height”. Presently, she plays in the U14 CB La Salle, club in which she has been enjoying her passion for four years.

 Núria y Javier

In addition, her brother Javier not only follows in her footsteps in the U12 team of that entity, but also accompanied her in both experiences to Gran Canaria, after a companion of the Mallorcan club told him how he had evolved following his experiences at CBA.


However, her decisión to return to CBA during Christmas was very clear,“I loved Summer Camp, because I improved a lot; The dedication in the trainings is amazing”. And that her dream is “to become a professional player”, so she is “convincing her mother” so that next season she can enter CBA “now that the Academy also admits girls year round”.