CBA Gran Canaria keeps on with its usual weekly planning despite the fact that it is not playing this weekend as the competition is going to stop because of the Adecco Plata Cup that is going to be held in Castellón between the host and CEBA Guadalajara (at 6 pm insular time).

For its part, Pepe Carrión’s players already have their mind on the next encounter on the 14th of February at 6 pm in which they are going to challenge one of the best rosters in the league: Cáceres Patrimonio de la Humanidad coached by Ñete Bohígas.

In that sense, the Slovakian center Norbert Janicek assured that the group has already forgotten the last defeat (76-58) in Cambados vs “one of the best defenses in the league”, where one of the keys of the game was the “bad CBA Gran Canaria shot %”.

Foto: José Juan Martín Domínguez

Photo: José Juan Martín Domínguez

Nevertheless, Roberto Guerra’s performance still shone through in individual terms (21 points in efficiency) and explained that “he maintained our team with options to win in Galicia, but it was not enough in the end”.

Janicek is playing his third season in Canarias Basketball Academy where he has practiced and played during his U18 period and his freshman senior year in which he regularly practices with the first team.

His contribution, as expected, has become better and better as the games went on, aspect that satisfies him though he recognizes that it also implies to assume “more responsibility, so I try to get ready both physically and mentally to face these challenges”.

The Slovakian explains that CBA Gran Canaria’s evolution this season is caused by certain reasons: “I think that, mainly, we have learnt to play as a team, but it is true that Kaleb’s (Wright) signing has paid dividends, as well as all the young players’ step forward”.

Janicek affirms that CBA “has chances to reach the playoffs, so we must believe in ourselves since, from my point of view, we can beat any team that is ahead of us”, he finishes.