Canarias Basketball Academy received a very special visit this evening since one of its former players Menelik Watson wanted to spend his holidays in Gran Canaria and, as expected, went to the residence in Tafira Alta to greet his coaches and, specially, president at CBA, Rob Orellana, to whom he describes “as a father; he is my only daughter’s best man whose name is Orellana to honor him”.


CBA players took advantage of his presence to pose with him and ask him some signatures and at the same time he recommended them “to work hard because this opportunity at CBA only happens once in a lifetime”.



His sports career is very curious because initially “his strength” captured the Academy’s owner, who decided to sign him right after the beginning of the project in 2007. Nevertheless, he soon saw that his skills fitted better in American football and that is why he advised Watson the change and guided him to go to the proper tests. Nowadays he belongs to Oakland Raiders in the National Football League after being drafted in the second round in 2013.

Watson himself recognizes that his stay at CBA was crucial since not only he realized which way he had to take, but also because “the Academy’s discipline left me a mark both personally and professionally”. The player from Manchester remembers his two years in Gran Canaria with a lot of love and he even states that he wants to “settle in the island when I retire”.  

Anyway, Watson is not only a football star, but also a very committed person with the society as he showed when he donated a week salary to a 4 year old girl that needed a heart surgery.