Manute Bol will be always remembered as one of the tallest players in the NBA history who played for the Washington Bullets, Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat in the last century. As a matter of fact, the center from Gogrial (1962-2010) was a 7’7 who obviously specialized in blocking shots and as a rookie he had already added up 397 (almost 5 per game).

Moses Bol Bol en la residencia de la CBA

Charismatic Bol belonged to the ‘Dinka’ tribe, known because of being the tallest in Sudan. Consequently it is no wonder that his cousin Moses Bol Bol, in spite of being a 98 junior yet, is 7′ as tall as his 15 year old sister Achel, though she does not play basketball “due to a familiar tradition.  

For Moses, Manute Bol is not only a reference in sport terms, but also a heroe who supported “the rebels from the south” and the needy in Sudan. According to Moses’ explanations, Manute will be remembered “because of his investments in his town and building a school”, which is another evidence of his caring spirit.

Moses Bol Bol

Moses Bol started his basketball career two years ago when his cousin Deng Mayot (who is almost 7’1 and stands out nowadays at Basquet Manresa youth teams) encouraged him at school. Then, he was inclined towards football but finally got captivated by basketball “playing in the playgrounds built by white men in the past where Manute Bol and current Miami Heat forward Luol Deng enjoyed themselves”. 

After his first steps in his town called Wau, located in the east of South Sudan and in the west side of the river Jur, Moses came to Canarias Basketball Academy several months ago, convinced that he made the right decision to “improve as a player, in addition to speak English and enjoy in a beautiful place”. 

In that sense, he is considerably perfecting his performance as a basketball player, which encourages him to keep on like that in the following season to try to get a spot in the U18 CBA team. Furthermore, he is deeply motivated to achieve his long term aim, “a sports scholarship in an USA college”, since he realised that he wants to work a criminologist when he hangs out his boots.

Finally, President at CBA, Rob Orellana, thinks that Moses “is an interesting player who has almost started from scratch, but who in only three months has got a noteworthy level, what may make him become a very important player in our U18 team in the next season”, and at the same time adds: “Furthermore, he has a good work ethic and a great spirit of sacrifice. Therefore, if he keeps on working like this, he will be able to help us a lot”. publi