At Canarias Basketball Academy two surnames of Spanish basketball greats, Smith y Reyes, are absolutely present due to the fact that Mike and Miguel Ángel’s sons have enrolled in this High Performance Academy- Sean will play for the Senior and Álvaro for the Regional Junior team.

Sean Smith, Rob Orellana y Álvaro Reyes

Both young men play in the forward position. Sean’s greatest characteristics are his physical ability and his willingness to learn. Every day he strives to improve his long range shot, hoping to make it one of his key strengths. Álvaro has a quick shot and a clear passion for the game, spending much of his day perfecting his dribbling skills. He is the player whose limits are yet to be determined.

Chip off the old block

Both Sean and Álvaro Reyes have grown up admiring their parents’ sporting careers. Their admiration is justified; Mike Smith (New York, 1963/9/10) played for teams such as Joventut, Real Madrid and Caja San Fernando. He achieved an ACB, a European and a Recopa league championship, in addition to having been an international with Spain. Miguel Ángel Reyes (Cáceres, 1968/2/23) was also a Spanish internacional selection that competed for Fórum Valladolid, Cáceres and Baskonia, helping the latter win the European Recopa in 1996.

Neither of the two fathers indicated that they played a role in their sons passion to play basketball. “My father never made me play basketball, but I kept my eyes on him and I wanted to be like him”, Smith Jr. explains, adding: “He foremost wants me to study, and practice basketball as a secondary thing”.

On the other hand, being called “son of” has always been a part of the boys´ lives since they began playing basketball, and Álvaro has this view: “This has been a motivation and an added pressure, not from me or from my father, but from the outside and quite remarkable; when I started, it affected me quite a lot but not any more”.

These CBA players admit that they do not have too many memories from their parents’ sport careers, mainly because they were very little, but they could revise some videos of their games: “I love to watch him play, but he played in the 90s and basketball right now is different; before it was more physical and now it is more tactical”, Sean explains.

According to Álvaro, his father “was a very complete player, because he was a very good, very fast and high-jumping player.” Sean on his father: “He won a dunk contest, therefore I´d imagine that he was explosive, athletic and important!”

Regarding this season, Smith and Reyes have clear ideas. “What motivated me most to come to CBA was that I could improve a lot and that I could get a scholarship to the USA”, Álvaro confesses. Sean speaks similarly, revealing: “Last season a friend of mine named Carlos García was here and got a scholarship. I´m determined to receive the same for myself”.