A group of players from Israel’s Otzma Moddin club has returned back to Gran Canaria to participate in the Summer Camp jointly organized by the Canarias Basketball Academy and Canterbury Academy.



This is the second time they take part in this event, which they were delighted last year: “It’s the best Summer Camp I’ve been in”, says Otzma Moddin’s technical director, Lavi Halfi, adding: “Everything is great ; The coaches are very good and the hospitality at the CBA is excellent … We love it!”.

In this sense, the president of the CBA, Rob Orellana, is delighted to welcome the group in this new edition, since “it is a pleasure to work with them, because they come with great enthusiasm and with a lot of desire to work”. “I take the opportunity to thank his director publicly for the confidence he has shown in us”, concludes Orellana.