The thirty four players from Israel are enjoying an amazing experience at CBA Summer Camp. The guys who play at Otzma Modiin are learning so much and so fast during their days in Gran Canaria, being helped by the CBA coaches every moment. In fact, Lavi Halfi, the Otzma Modiin Director, said that the beginning was difficult for his players: “At the beginning, our boys couldn´t follow the rhythm of the practice. However, every day, they have improved a little bit more. Now, until Friday, we want to be at the same rhythm that the rest of the campers”.


The journey to Gran Canaria has been an enormous change in the Israel players life, because they have changed the little city of Modiin for a cosmopolitan island such as Gran Canaria and live in the best Academy in Europe: “Modiin is a tiny city between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and its population consist mostly of young families with many kids. This experience in Gran Canaria is so nice, because the weather is fantastic and the beach is so incredible”.

On the other hand, Lavi commented that they knew the CBA Summer Camp on the internet. He wanted his players to travel to Spain and when they received the information about CBA their decision was made: We were looking on the internet some camps in Europe and we found information about camps in Barcelona, Valencia… but, when CBA appeared, we understood that this was what we were looking for. After a few days at CBA Summer Camp, we are very happy because we chose the best camp for our players”.

Lavi said that Israel has two Academies, although none like CBA: “CBA has facilities, has a gym, a good court. This is more difficult in Israel. Moreover, here you have one coach for ten kids more or less, but in Israel we have one coach for seventy players. This is the difference”.

Therefore, the Otzma Modiin Director said that if they can, they will repeat the experience next year: “The level is very high at CBA. The players must work a lot every day and every hour. This philosophy is the best way to get your goals. I will recommend the CBA Summer Camp when we come back to Israel”.