The Canarias Basketball Academy have had a great start to the year compiling 3 victories in a row, taking the club to a 7-10 record and 11th position in  Adecco Plata in their debut season.


Photo: José Juan Martín Domínguez

Last Saturday CBA took down rival playoff contenders Sammic ISB (68-59) at Centro Insular de Deportes, Kostya Kulikov added 17 ranking points (14 points, 8 rebounds and 4 fouls drawn). The Russian has blossomed into one of CBA´s key performers, right behind Kaleb Wright and Berni Hernández.

We did not begin the game well because we had an excess of confidence and that is why we had to strive ourselves to win, since we needed to have a comeback”, CBA center affirmed and at the same time expressed: “Our leaders (Berni Hernández and Kaleb Wright) helped us win and pushed the others”.

Kulikov started playing basketball with CSKA Moscow youth development program, he came to Spain in 2011 to play for Girona in his junior period. In 2013 he enrolled CBA as a freshman senior and returned this season to establish a starting position in the Adecco Plata outfit.

Kostya Kulikov

Photo: José Juan Martín Domínguez

I think we have quality to play the playoffs”, Kulikov thinks and is convinced  that “the team has changed because it has been renowned and, specially, because of Kaleb Wright’s signing as he is the decisive player we needed”.

Moreover, CBA Gran Canaria’s inside player thanks Pepe Carrión for all the opportunities that he has been given: “It is very important for the young players that he trusts us, something that I also noticed during the practices, because he wants us to add intensity”.

Finally, he claims that “the experienced players are indispensable”: “Berni (Hernández) is the best player I have ever played with, Roberto (Guerra) makes easy the difficult and Diego (Quintana) is our snipper, in addition he is a good person and the funniest of all”.