The player ,born in Lanzarote and with a past at the Canarias Basketball Academy, has spent the day in his former home and has been reunited with his former coaches and teammates.

Joshua Tomaic, also known as one of the great projects of Spanish basketball, spent two years growing up in the Academy and last September crossed the Atlantic to become part of the prestigious University of Maryland, where they have very high expectations placed on him for the coming year.

The Spanish power forward, content after his first year in the United States, has expressed that he is, “very happy for what will always be my home. I learned a lot in my time at the Canarias Basketball Academy and I really wanted to return to greet the staff, The passage through the CBA changed my life and that of my family”.


For his part, Rob Orellana, director of the Canary Basketball Academy, is also delighted about the visit of Joshua. “It’s common for guys with a past at our academy to visit us, something that I’m most proud of is the excellent chemistry we create among the players, I’m glad that Tomaic has done well in the United States and I’m convinced this will show next year.”