At the Canarias Basketball Academy, players of over thirty different nationalities train and compete together each season. Cultural enrichment, in addition to sports learning, is undoubtedly remarkable at the academy, in spite of athletes disconnected with familiar culture and Company.



However, local basketball players are able to take advantage of both aspects, as José Manuel Pérez Ramos (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, January 2, 1999) acknowledges ¨I am lucky” to be able to “enjoy the CBA adventure without giving up my relationships with family and friends”.



Pérez is now mundertaking his fourth season at the Academy. This was preceded by 15 years playing for CB Gran Canaria: “I came one day to try it and I loved it because it was something very different from what I had done before.” “The first difference that I would highlight is the amount of hours per day we train, signficantly  greater tan local clubs. I also stress the impact of our individual growth reflecting growth as a team”.



From his experience in the CBA, Pérez highlights “the trips we have done, which have been an average of five per season, and the companions I have met, will defininitely be friends for life”. He also celebrates the fact that in CBA “we communicate in English, and as suvch I have been able to improve my English a lot. I am also grateful to have interacted with players of many nationalities, as having colleagues from so many countries, provides new learning and experiences each day”.



José places special emphasis on the trips he has made with the Academy. The trip to Lithuania to partcipate in the Euroleague Juniors group particularly pleased him: “Participating in the Euroleague junior was incredible. Playing in that pavilion, considered by many to be the best in Europe, was mesmorising, as well as facing leading teams like CSKA, Fenerbahçe or Zalgiris”.




He also remembers fondly his two tours to the United States, since “they had surpassed my expectations; I came back with more enthusiasm to work harder. I had to get a scholarship to study in the United States, because there you live basketball in a way that blends perfectly with eductaion”. José´s goal, “to study ADE (Business Administration and Management) and create international relations there”.



Finally, Perez is satisfied with his journey in CBA: “These four years, I have enjoyed them very much and they will remain fondly in my memory. I have been trained as a person and a player and I have met many people who I hope to see again. For all this, I want to give my heartfelt thanks to all who make this posible. Both Rob and Aranza, as well as the coaches and staff of the Academy”.