This is the first season coach Jorge López is with the Canarias Basketball, and he started in a big way, not only leading the CBA School, he also coordinates the CBA 7 Palmas and CBA Maspalomas 

Rob Orellana y Jordi López

First of all, tell us how the idea of creating high performance international center’s in youth players

I always had the desire for growth during my phase as Támbara president and for that I was looking for taking a big leap. After some meetings with Rob Orellana, we got to the conclusion that our joining will make both entities stronger. In this matter, I just have words of thanks to both directors, Rob and Aranza Calvo.

What involve to the CBA having its own youth players?

It is a huge step. After some years in taking part in Spain Championships, in cadete and junior categories, we want to grow in training categories and work hard to achieve goals. We have went from 0 to 200 players this season.

The CBA is in expansion process of its distinctive work method… which benefits will get those clubs that have joint the CBA?

There are many benefits, in management and in sports that matter. In management, we have many departments that help us to be a renowned club. Administration with Minerva Bonilla and Amabel Cabrera, and press and marketing department with Ana Rosas and Cristian Gil.  The athletic department is lead by Paco Martín Vega and Sergio Salesa. Lastly a very important person in our structure, Samuel Sosa, our head of operations and a coach too. Of course, I do not want to forget our coaches: Mario Gómez, Daniel Rivero, Oscar Cabrera, Kevin Mendoza, Francisco Sánchez, Carlos Cardeñas, Juan Guerra, Piti González-Roca, Steven Sauers, Josh Malone, David Álamo and Suso Moreno.

What other projects whose you are the chief executive is the CBA school… Explain us its mission and in which schools is the CBA present…

In one hand, teaching our method as soon as possible to our players. On the other hand, is our social growth. Nowadays we are present at the British School, San Rafael School (San Mateo), American School, Dunas School (Maspalomas), Arenas Sur School (San Agustín) and IES 7 Palmas.

What is the difference between extracurricular activities and the basketball that is taught by the CBA?

The CBA School focus´s in offering an amount of quality to the basketball teaching, never seen before at Spanish schools. For that every training sessions are in English, with Spanish translation if it is necessary. This allows the children to improve their English while they are practicing their favorite sport.

On a personal level, what made you to accept this challenge?

As president of the club and coach, the CBA is an interesting Project. It is an international high level center with a work method that is gaining a lot of success.  When I had the chance, I did not have any doubts.

What are your expectations this season at the CBA?

The mindset that we have to hard and professionally will make that a step by step process. We can get reach all goals we set for the youth. I hope that this will be a long term deal, but that we can also achieve goals in the short term. It will be our first year with a view to keep growing!

To conclude, is there something I have not asked you that you want to add?

I want to thank to my friends: Mario Gómez and Daniel Rivero, they are always by my side and I can trust them in any moment. I also want to thank to the 7 Palmas high school and Elena, its principal, for trusting us.