28 year-old Czech power foward, Jaroslav Tyrna, is beginning to feel his best and CBA Gran Canaria in Adecco Plata is taking advantage of that. 6 points and 11 rebounds in his last game in Azpeitia vs Sammic ISB is the evidence.


Both coaches stated after the 40 minutes that there was not such a difference between CBA Gran Canaria and Sammic ISB, and Jaroslav agrees: “We started the game really well. The first quarter was good but we took a little break in the second one. I do not think that we deserved to lose by more than 10 points but we could have done more to win. However from the first two games we saw a lot of improvement and that is something we have to build on. Considering we did not have our first pointguard Berni Hernández, I think we are on the good path to become much better and have a much better season than in the first two games”.

His teammate Aaron Geramipoor had 36 ranking points and Tyrna values that in a positive way: “He had an unbelievable game, he was unable to miss a shot and was essential for us to play well. As we need to build up on our team performance, he has to build up on his performance too, and he is going to be, if not the best, one of the best big men in the league“.


The Czech player knows that Xuven Cambados, his next rival, “has a lot of international players, plays a very physical basketball and likes to run as the last team we played against“.

Therefore, “as the team is getting better and is on the good path to play much better, that should be an incentive for the people to come to the game and see what CBA Gran Canaria can do“, claims. Furthermore, after the first three games he considers that “the league is competitive, pretty good. So far we have played against quite experienced and very well put together teams. They know the game“.

Finally, before the next game on Saturday at 6 pm at Centro Insular de Deportes, he thinks that we are about to see his best version: “I am improving with the team. I was a little sick in the last two weeks and in the last game I finally could be at my 100%. I am looking forward to keeping playing at my 100%“.