CBA Gran Canaria’s current good streak with three wins in a row in Liga Adecco Plata has coincided with more minutes for Jacobo Díaz, loaned by Estudiantes, who claims that is “very happy because he have found our style to play”.

Mate de Jacobo Díaz

Photo: José Juan Martín Domínguez

“The game vs Barça was a turning point from which the following games were faced with a different mentality”, Díaz says and adds: “The team has feeling now”. 

Furthermore, he considers that the Grancanarian representant in the third basketball league “has quality to be up in the standings and that is why we are putting our effort to keep on this good streak”.

Personally, Pepe Carrión’s player is satisfied since he can help the team: “I have more minutes and that makes me feel more confident and gain more experience in a very demanding competition”.

Jacobo Díaz

Photo: José Juan Martín Domínguez

In that sense, the Canarian basketball player admits he is “looking forward to keeping on working hard to make progress in the category because there is such a difference if I compare it to the EBA league, in which I played last season; players in Adecco Plata are stronger, more physical and skill wise are one step ahead, so this is a challenge for me to continue taking advantage of my opportunity”.

Finally, Díaz talks about his next encounter this Saturday in Guadalajara where he expects a “quite hard game, because like us they are experiencing a good streak“.