Ex CBA’s Jacobo Díaz and Yankuba Sima are back in a U19 Spanish list.

Jacobo Díaz y Yankuba Sima, otra vez con España U19

In that sense, the forward from Tenerife, loaned by Estudiantes, made his debut in Liga Adecco Plata with Canarias Basketball Academy this season, as well the Catalonian center who has been playing with Elev8 Sports Institute in the 2014/2015 season, after finishing his training period in the Grancanarian Academy. Furthermore, he was recruited by the prestigious St. John’s university from New York with a sports scholarship and will be coached by legendary Chris Mullin.

Not only they represented Spain in the U18 European Championships last summer in Turkey, but also will defend Spain in Greece where the U19 World Championships are going to be held from the 27th of June to the 5th of July.

National Coach Joaquín Prado has called 14 players who will be gathered from the 7th of June in  Logroño, where they will play their first tournament from the 13th to the 15th vs Canada, Australia y and Croatia, respectively.

The next challenge will be in Bilbao, city where they will face Argentina (on the 21st) and Dominican Republic twice (on the 20th and 23rd).

Right after, they will travel to Greece where China will await on the 27th, Turkey on the 28th and Argentina on the 30th. Furthermore, the 1/8 are scheduled for the 1st of July, the 1/4 on the 3rd, the semifinals on the 4th and the Finals on the 5th.