15 year old, Ibrahim Magassa (Paris, 9/5/2002) joined, this season, in the Canary Basketball Academy in order to fulfill his dream, to be a, “professional basketball player and play in the United States”.



To do this, the Frenchman believes he is in the right place: “In the CBA there is more quality and quantity of training than in any club”. Given that in his country he had “at most four workouts a week of 2 hours” with his club, the Villemomble.

As a result, he says that he is now learning “a lot and faster”, so “I would recommend the CBA to any player who is determined to train hard every day to become a professional”.

Ibrahim´s participation in a tournament in Las Vegas began his first encounter with CBA. After confronting an Academy team, CBA president Rob Orellana spoke with his coach and asked about the possibility of Magassa moving to Gran Canaria.

When he raised the question to his parents back home, his father agreed immediately. But his mother, who was scared considering the young age of her son, languished at her husband´s decision. “It’s my first experience away from home so long”, says Ibrahim, adding: “The hardest thing is to be away from the family. Also it was very difficult to adjust to the harder trining and longer hours”.



A few months after entering the Academy, Magassa is very satisfied with his decision: “I am in the perfect place to achieve my goal, because in the CBA you live for and for basketball”. Furthermore, Ibrahim plans to take advantage of his opportunity to also learn some Spanish on the side, “I get much better, because slowly I understand more and more Spanish”.